Brent Emerson On How To Dress Professionally In The Office

Being tasteful at work can be a challenge. Five days a week we find ourselves looking into our wardrobes debating on what to wear, thinking about professionalism, color, appropriateness, and any number of other dilemmas. The question of what to wear to work and how to dress is important. They want to be fashionable but be conventional to business standards, while at the same time be womanly and convinced. Brent Emerson, NC, a renowned fashion designer with stores in North Carolina and Arizona offers tips on how to dress professionally:

The length of a skirt or dress should not be so short that you feel uncomfortable. Search for a length that ends above the knee but if you are tall search for a dress that is of a mid-thigh length. This will make it simple to get up and down out of chairs and suitably cover you if you are walking on an escalator or up stairs. When it comes to pants, the hem should finish about 1 inch from the floor, enabling the front of your heels to show. If you are sporting ankle pants, ensure they actually end at the ankle, too long or short and they look shoddy.

For conferences opt for longer sleeves. You can go full-length with a cuff or search for a three-quarter-length sleeve, which is said to be the most gratifying. A three-quarter sleeve ends amid your wrist and your elbow. The lower the sleeve is on your forearm; the thinner your arm will look. In the summertime or in warmer climates, you can sport sleeveless or short-sleeves too. For colder mornings, sport a jacket or cardigan and as the day warms up, you can eliminate the layer as required.

Necklines of dresses and blouses should be modest and not show too much cleavage. Stay away from plunging V-necks and halters. Try wearing a scoop or round neck, square, keyhole, boat neck, or collared style.

The fit of your garment is possibly supreme. Too tight is frowned upon and looks unethical, while at the other end of the field, baggy and ill-fitting clothes would not do your figure any justice and tend to look shoddy. Look for dresses that are loose but highlight the waist. You want the dress to be figure flattering, but not just figure focused.

Brent Emerson North Carolina says that your personal style will help dictate the print or color of your garment. When it comes to solid colored dresses, wear colors that look best with your skin tone. You can also go with basic black which will make everyone look great, but dare to try a color such as burgundy, midnight blue, red, or forest green. Apart from wearing colors that look good with your skin tone look for colors that go with the seasons.

Stay simple and classic with your jewelry. Studs, hoops, or small drop earrings, along with a classic bangle, necklace or watch are really all that is required. No gaudy statement necklaces should be worn to the office.

An Insight into Wardrobe Essentials by Brent Emerson

While sticking to trends is all we wish for, but having the essentials should be not everybody’s priority list. These are the comfort pieces that we turn to in lazy times as well to get hold of some DIY fashion. From simple white T-shirts to skater dresses, these can be your staple fashion statement to achieve a seamless yet chic fashion look. Whether you are living in Charlotte or anywhere else, Brent Emerson is your go-to fashion stylist to stock up your basics. This article has analyzed and handpicked the most wanted basics and thus are featured in wardrobe-essentials.

• Plain white T-shirt

Yeah, we know you guys are probably tired of hearing this but how can you make wardrobe essential lists and feature a plain white T-shirt? Plain, simple, yet chic appearance to transform any style you feature and level it a notch higher. Moreover, it can match up with both summer and winter styles. Either pair it with jeans, trousers, or any other bottoms or simply layer it up with jackets, white T-shirts are the most staple item for every wardrobe.

• Plain white Shirt

Well, it is pretty evident right that right after a white T-shirt, a white button-up shirt should be one the wardrobe essential. Just like its T-shirt counterpart, it is very versatile and not just in terms of pairing options. You can easily use this piece of fabric as a layering alternative. Just tuck it in, wear denim, put on some shades and you are rock the real-life runaway.

• High Waist or Boyfriend Jeans

While skinny jeans are a must for every wardrobe, there is no denying the fact a pair of high waist or boyfriend jeans are too undoubtedly a wardrobe essential. It emits the oh-so-cool vibe and is extremely comfortable. Run, walk, sleep, or do anything. Having these pairs will accentuate your every style.

• Denim Jacket

Although not ideal for a summer outing, but believe our denim jackets are a must-have. It can readily take your appearance several levels up and give a jazzy and hipster vibe without losing the touch of chicness. No wonder the Elite Designer Brent Emerson vouch for these too.

• Dresses

No matter what is the season, there is a perfect dress for everything. From having so many options to choose from, having the most staple dress item can be a tricky feat. However, as per the latest understanding, we suggest that you possess at least one easy-breezy, flowy summer dress along with a superbly stylish LBD. While one is perfect for a day look, LBD is perfect for having the perfect attire for a night out.

• Two Strap Sandals

Thinking about enough clothing, what about shoes? Don’t fuss, we are not done yet. In the case of footwear, buy a pair of two-strap heel sandals immediately. This sandal is like a match made in heaven and goes with every piece of fabric that you choose. Moreover, these shoes act to accentuate your curves and give the impression of having long beautiful legs. So, just with a pair of shoes you do not only look different but also feel different.

In Arizona, he store of Brent Emerson, you can secure any of these above-mentioned fashion pieces and more such that it will become pretty easy to amp up your basics game.

Fashion Industry is Incomplete without Designer Dress by Brent Emerson

Everyone has their own definition of fashion. For some it is comforted clothes, for some, it is following the latest trends, for some, it is creep tops and for some, it is long gowns. Whatever definition you may have for yourself, but the fashion industry is incomplete without designed dress made by fashion designers. A school needs a principal, a toddler needs a guardian, and just like that ordinary people need a fashion designer.

Brent Emerson fashion designer, who has earned his name in the fashion industry through his hard work and dedication to the fashion industry. Through with passions and keen knowledge of the fashion industry, he has established physical stores in Arizona and North Carolina. Brent Emerson had designed many dresses till now and has played a huge contribution to the fashion industry.

Be it traditional wear, party-wear designer dress, wedding dress, or business meeting dress every dress needs cherishing and that is taken care by a fashion designer. It is ought to be believed that all designer dresses are expensive and not everyone can afford them; here let me clear out your misinterpretation as every designer’s clothes are not expensive. Designer dresses that are available in the store of Arizona and North Carolina, which are designed by Brent Emerson are available at affordable prices and yet are of high quality.

Every designer dress made by Brent Emerson is inexpensive luxurious clothes that are of high quality. You need suitable accessories to flaunt in your way with the designed dress. Don’t hold yourself back from trying new different designer dresses. People like to look great but sometimes are not willing to pay higher prices for it, and for those people, the designer dresses of Brent Emerson are the best option.

When you will wear a designer dress made by Brent Emerson Arizona, you will have ten heads turn up around you, and four of them will ask you about your dress. Would not you just love it, when you are the center of attraction because of your designer clothes? The designer already has pictures of you in their imagination, when they are making their designed clothes.

Designer dress puts you in good mood and most of them are comfortable because they have been made especially for you. You can’t miss out to wear a designer dresses as they are so hard to resist. Plus the point of a designer dress is, it can make you look younger than you are.